NYT Claims Trump Once Joked About Trading Puerto Rico For Greenland, He Was “Happy To Rid Himself” Of It

Neither one of them wants you now, Donald!

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Donald Trump is a bit butthurt these days after he pitched himself a foot-stomping fit in an attempt to actually buy another country for no other reason than the fact that he wanted to — and frankly he’s been accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, in a consensual manner or otherwise, for pretty much his entire life.

But the country of Greenland, both their government and their residents have effectively laughed in the Trumpster’s face, which has, of course, seriously hurt his fragile man-baby feelings.

And, as expected, we have been and will continue to hear about that for the foreseeable future.

Most recently, Donald took to his beloved Twitter account to unprofessionally announce that he was calling off a meeting that he had scheduled with Denmark because of their Prime Minister’s “very not nice” statement in which they described his idea of purchasing the country of Greenland as “absurd.”

But according to a report from the New York Times, Trump’s desire to purchase the island country isn’t a new one.

NYT reported that Trump has actually had Greenland on his mind for “more than a year” and even went so far as to instruct his National Security Council to look into the matter for him.

But that’s not even the most eyebrow-raising part of the Times‘ report. Apparently, last year Trump combined his desire for a new country with his desire to rid himself of a current one in the form of one of his not-so-comical “jokes.”

The NYT report read that Trump “joked in a meeting about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland,” because he was “happy to rid himself” of Puerto Rico.

Of course, as stated above, this was all supposedly one of Donald’s typical jokes that no one ever actually finds funny. But it’s worth noting that the man did little more than throw paper towels to a crowd of terrified people after Hurricane Maria.

So, I’m going to just go ahead and guess that he’d like to trade simply because Greenland is full of white people whereas Puerto Rico is full of brown.

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