OH Grandparents Were Arrested And Charged In Connection To Starving And Beating Their Step-Grandchild So Badly, The Young Child Suffered Lasting Muscle Damage

This is BEYOND horrifying.

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In what may be one of the most sickening things we will ever report on here at Political Tribune, two Ohio grandparents have been arrested and charged with crimes related to the heinous, long-standing abuse that they allegedly played a role in against their daughter’s step-children.

Fox 11 reports that one of the children was abused so severely that the muscles in his legs have atrophied due to prolonged starvation and malnourishment.

Delhi Township Police Lt. Joe Macaluso stated in an interview, “If there’s a victim of this type of abuse, it’s tragic. And when you have somebody that’s vulnerable, like a child or the elderly, it makes you sick.”

Macaluso went on to add that the abuse suffered by the child was so severe that it made the case “hard to look into.”

The abused child, as well as his brother and other relatives, testified to investigators about the heinous atrocities the young child suffered at the hands of his stepmother and her parents.

Armin and Susan Rodriguez, 71 and 68, have now been charged with child endangerment following their indictment by a grand jury. Amy Rodriguez Dangel, the abused child’s stepmother, faces 11 child endangerment charges, which specifically state that she “recklessly tortured or cruelly abused” the young child between January 2018 and April 2021. The father of the abused boy faces one charge of violating his duty of care.

According to reporting, the child spent years being forced by his stepmother to stand alone in a room as she brutally beat him, starved him, and even prevented him from using the bathroom.

“He was not allowed to urinate unless he was given permission by mom prior or by grandmother,” Macaluso explained. “And he was not allowed to eat the same things everyone else would eat.”

Both the child’s father and stepmother already had previous charges against them, which assisted in leading to charges against Amy Rodriguez Dangel’s parents over their involvement in the horrifying abuse.

“When the authorities in that jurisdiction did a forensic interview with the child, he related the same type of treatment was occurring by his step-grandparents in my jurisdiction,” Macaluso stated. “He would go over to his step-grandparents’ house, their daughter would say that he’s in trouble, and he’s to be in timeout or he’s grounded.”

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters spoke out after the grandparents’ indictment, stating, “The torture perpetrated on this young child is unimaginable. He is safe now and with family members who love him.”

Find the full report from Fox here.

Featured image via Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

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