Old 1992 Clip Of Trump Surfaces, Proves He’s Just As Corrupt As We Think He Is

America should have paid more attention to Trump's past before letting him into the White House.

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Donald Trump has a lot to be worried about right now, and a new bombshell bit of evidence against him involves one of his enemies, former FBI Director James Comey.

It appears that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has received new information about the request Trump made to then-FBI Director Comey in which the president unethically demanded that the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn be called off. According to the new evidence, Trump had in fact known that Flynn was being targeted by prosecutors at that time — which ruins the defense Trump’s legal team was trying to protect the president with.

We can’t say Comey didn’t warn us. Comey has done much to alert America about Trump after the president fired him, but some of us still aren’t listening. In Comey’s testimony about his encounters with Trump, the outed director could even recall Trump’s exact words to him, which asked Comey to favor him over America:

I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.”

Asking an FBI Director to do that is wrong. The Washington Post reported:

In seven remarkable pages of prepared testimony, Comey describes a president obsessed with loyalty and publicly clearing his name amid an FBI investigation of his associates, and the FBI director’s growing unease with the nature of the demands being made of him in their private conversations.”

It seems hard to believe that a president would ask such a thing, but if you dig into Trump’s history, everything seems to add up. Trump wants people to obey him and anyone who doesn’t will be punished, like Comey was. In a resurfaced video from 1992, it’s easy to see that Trump is obsessed with both loyalty and revenge — which completely backs up everything Comey and many others have said about the wannabe dictator. Take a look at this video, and see for yourself:

Having a man like this in the White House is terrifying — but it’s exactly what the GOP wanted. Trump has continued to get rid of honorable Americans while filling his swamp with more corruption. It’s no wonder America is going downhill so fast.

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