Pence’s Wife Praised Trump’s Treatment Of Young Women During Speech And It Didn’t End Well

The hypocrisy is STRONG with this one.

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“Mother” Karen Pence, according to a new book from a former Pence insider, was allegedly far from happy when Donald Trump nabbed up the presidency back in 2016. According to the author, she was livid about their finances, so much so that she made the Trump inaugural committee pay for her inauguration gowns as well as updates and renovations to their home, and so heated on the actual night of the event that she refused to even give her husband a kiss, reportedly telling him, “You got what you want, Mike. Leave me alone.”

Despite the fact that she still pretty much thinks her husband and the president are stupid, she seems to have gotten used to the life of a second lady and doesn’t really want to give up that luxury when the 2020 election rolls around or, even sooner, after Trump’s impending impeachment.

So in what we’re sure is an attempt to hang on to her comfy lifestyle where she has a newly-renovated house, expensive ballgowns, and the ability to let her discrimination run free, Karen attended a “Women for Trump” discussion in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to Katie Rogers, the White House correspondent for the New York Times, Karen stated that she likes Trump for the way he respects his daughters and went on to claim that he has “empowered women like no other.”

I’m going to use my last shred of maturity for the day and leave the “don’t be afraid to get on your knees” things alone. Please know that it’s killing me, though.

However, the plethora of responses from Twitter users reminding Karen that Donald is a serial molester who’s skeevy with his own daughter and brags about his multiple sexual assaults against women can speak for themselves:

No one even believes that she believes this shit. She just wants to hold on to that power as long as she can.

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