People Couldn’t Hold Back Their Laughter Over Trump’s Apparent Bad Spray Tan At His Recent Event: “Is It Nutella?”

YIKES. Lay off the spray tan, buddy.

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Over the weekend, scandal-ridden, washed-up ex-President Donald Trump held yet another of his thinly-veiled QAnon, MAGA-turned-Save-America rallies, this time in Macob County, MI.

These rallies have become nothing but one of the few avenues the former guy still has left to actually garner any attention for himself, and surround himself with whatever base of people he has left who actually give a single damn about anything he has to say these days.

The event was, as expected, chock full of all of his greatest hits — ranging from some “Russia, Russia, Russia!” nonsense, to plenty of attacks against anyone who’s dared to actually attempt to hold him accountable for his countless crimes and transgressions, from the January 6th House Select Committee to New York Attorney General Letitia James.

But as footage of his ridiculous event began to spread like wildfire across social media, we quickly noticed that many people on Twitter weren’t even paying attention to his nauseating, tired-out drivel this time. But rather, they couldn’t peel their attention away from the dude’s apparent noxious spray tan.

To be perfectly honest, Trump was looking especially putrid over the weekend, leading me personally to kind of wonder if his makeup/hair/spray tan team actually hates his guts and just isn’t telling him as much — instead using their position to publicly humiliate the former guy at every chance they get.

See for yourself:

There’s no denying that he’s certainly looking extra orange and uneven these days, leaving social media with all the thoughts:

It’s really not a good look, Donnie. But then again, it seems this is what he apparently looks like without the makeup, spray tan, and cotton candy hair:

I’m not really sure which is the improvement at this point.

Featured image via screen capture

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