Photo Of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Feet Had Social Media Going Crazy

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

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Well, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends — the mystery has been solved. The wait is over. You may rest your heads easy tonight when you lie down for bed. Because we now know at least the minimum number of toes that Marjorie Taylor Greene has on her strange feet.

I’m sure no one has forgotten her recent beach trip with her fellow GOP dirtbag, Matt Gaetz, during which people caught sight of her ghastly-looking feet and began to speculate that she only had three toes. It was such an ordeal, in fact, that it quite literally earned her the hilarious, if not premature nickname of “Marjorie Three-Toes.”

Seriously, it was such a big deal that we covered it here if you need a quick refresher on the Marjorie Taylor Greene feet drama of 2021.

But our questions have since been answered, folks.

Former federal prosecutor and popular Twitter user Ron Filipkowski took to Twitter recently with a new, up close and personal photo of the controversial Georgia House Rep.’s feet. Greene had attended some ridiculous event or another, where she wore a pale tan pair of open-toed sandals to go with her coral pink dress.

In the zoomed-in shot of her feet (yes, people are actually zooming in on her feet, it’s gotten that serious at this point) we can see that Marjorie Taylor Greene has all five of her toes on her left foot, and at least four on the other. The logical explanation for the possible missing toe on her right foot is likely that her pinky toe is tucked down in the strap of her sandal.

But nevertheless, social media is having a heyday with it:

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Well, there you have it, folks. You’re welcome. Or… I’m sorry.

Featured image via screen capture

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