Photo Of Trump Staring At A Model At A Runway Show Emerged And The Look On Melania’s Face Says It All

She does not look thrilled.

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At this point, frankly, no one is surprised to see Donald Trump ogling a woman, no matter what the setting is.

This is the same man who once proudly admitted to grabbing women “by the p*ssy” because “when you’re famous, they let you do it.” This is the man who’s proud of sexually assaulting women. This is the man who has been credibly accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape more times than we can even keep track of at this point — some of which were alleged victims who were quite literally children at the time of the alleged assaults. This is the same man who had a long-standing, very close and personal relationship with the likes of infamous child rapist Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend/accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

As I said, absolutely no one is surprised to see the man ogling like a pig at just about anyone of the opposite sex.

I’d say his own wife fully expects as much at this point, given that she herself is wife number 3 and Donald’s well-known affair partner from his marriage with wife number 2.

But it seems that just because Melania likely expects this behavior from her husband doesn’t quite mean she approves of it.

An undated but seemingly pretty old photo of Donald Trump and third wife Melania has resurfaced on social media this week, showing the couple at some sort of runway show. In the photo, Trump can be seen gawking, almost drooling, at a seemingly rather young model as she made her way down the runway.

The original poster of the image claims the model is underage, but we are unable to confirm that.

But it wasn’t Trump’s pig-ish stare that got social media going over this photo, but rather the “eat dirt and die” look his wife Melania appeared to be sporting.

Now, granted, if anyone has a “rest b*tch face,” it’s Melania Trump. The woman has always looked perpetually angry and unamused. But this was extra, even for her:

Social media commenters were quick with their thoughts on the newly surfaced picture:

Honestly, if looks could kill, I don’t think we’d have ever had to live through four years of the Trump Administration.

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