Photo Showed Lauren Boebert Holding Up An Award For “Hottest Woman In Congress,” Complete With A Red Lobster Gift Card, But They Didn’t Even Spell Her Name Correctly And We Couldn’t Hold Back Our Laughter

Oh, girl. That's not a good look.

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GOP House Rep. Lauren Boebert is back at it folks, being 100 percent full of herself when she really has no right to be.

To be honest, it’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of people on the Right. They fully and wholeheartedly believe that they’re God’s gift to humanity without any legitimate reasons or proof to back that up. In fact, if anything, they’re pretty much always the exact opposite.

But nevertheless, they’re out here living their best lives with egos that are all on the verge of exploding — and they want everyone in the world to know how great they are.

However, oftentimes these people get so damn full of themselves that they seem to stop even paying attention to what is going on around them. Their sole focus is on themselves and bringing in whatever admiration and praise they can rustle up. Most of the time, they just end up making an ass out of themselves.

In a recent photo posted by the popular PatriotTakes Twitter account, the Republican House Stooge is seen beaming from ear to ear while proudly holding up a framed award certificate, dubbing her the “Hottest Woman In Congress.” Hell, it even came with a nifty gift certificate to none other than Red Lobster.

Now, we don’t know where or who this certificate came from. But whoever or whatever came up with the award and bestowed it on Boebert apparently isn’t as big a fan as they claim, because the congresswoman’s name wasn’t even spelled correctly.

See for yourself:

We couldn’t contain our laughter over this one and the rest of Twitter couldn’t either:

Do these dimwits even realize that they’re doing the hard work for us when they make themselves look like a bunch of fools? C’mon, man. You’re making it too easy.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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