Police Made A Visit To Trump Supporters Trying To Nab A Seat At Donald’s Criminal Trial After The Line Was Mistaken For A “Homeless Encampment”: Report

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Donald Trump’s infamous Stormy Daniels Hush Money criminal trial could potentially wrap up this week and throngs of his rabidly adoring fans have been lining up outside the Manhattan courthouse for a chance to nab a seat inside Judge Juan Merchan’s courtroom and catch all the drama unfolding right before their very eyes — leading to a rather awkward visit from the police after the line outside the courthouse was reportedly mistaken for a homeless encampment.

The scandal-plagued ex-president is famously on trial for a whopping 34 felony criminal counts of falsifying business records in the state of New York from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, in connection to the notorious hush money payment made to adult film star and Donald’s alleged affair partner, Stormy Daniels. Daniels is said to have engaged in an extramarital affair with Donald Trump way back in 2006 but was handed a $130,000 payment by Trump’s then-personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen more than a decade later when Donald was running for president. Bragg and his office allege that Donald made the 6-figure payment via his attorney in an effort to buy Daniels’ silence about their alleged affair, in an effort to keep the potential scandal from negatively affecting his presidential campaign, and then falsified numerous business and financial records in an effort to cover the payment up.

This case is, of course, just one of many currently lodged against the disgraced former president and 2024 Republican frontrunner but there’s no denying that it’s the most notorious one of them all. The majority of Americans have been forced to get their updates on the ongoing criminal trial from the media and journalist sources who have made it inside the courtroom, as no cameras have been allowed inside the trial. However, a lot of people have formed a line outside of the Manhattan courtroom where Trump is on trial and, if they’re lucky enough and show up early enough, they’ve been successful in getting in on the action firsthand.

ABC News published an in-depth review of these individuals who are spending their days waiting in line for a front-row seat to the Trump trial and included a particularly interesting anecdote in their report — like when the police showed up.

ABC quoted one lined-up Trump supporter as saying, “I’m excited to see [ex-Trump lawyer Michael] Cohen being grilled a little more, all his lies being unraveled before the court and before the jurors.”

“To bear the weather and lengthy wait, some brought tents and sleeping bags – others used nearby benches or sheets of cardboard to make impromptu beds with quilts and comforters,” the publication explains before adding the particularly interesting part:

The police visited the line at least once overnight – according to Partington they had received a report of a homeless encampment in the park – but quickly left after realizing it was just the line for the Trump trial.”

You can read ABC’s full, in-depth review here.

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