Rep. Eric Swalwell Posted Direct Messages To Him From A Man Who Threatened To Hurt Him And Was Reportedly “Radicalized” By Tucker Carlson

What fresh hell is this?

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) has received death threats before from fans of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.  This time, though, he tricked a social media user into telling the California Democrat his name and location, then Swalwell tweeted out screen captures of the conversation. Swalwell explained that Twitter couldn’t find out the person’s name who sent Swalwell the threats, so he engaged the man in a conversation and found out a lot about him, including that he used to be a fan of Tucker Carlson’s.

The man, who first told Swalwell that he should be shot, ended up apologizing to the Congressman and said that he was embarrassed by his behavior. Swalwell, who has a wife and children, tweeted out the screenshots and noted that the man’s name is Jeremy Marshall.

He’s a Joe Rogan fan, too.

The guy apologized again.

We are living in polarizing times, and the rise and fall of Donald Trump ushered in the worst people in our society then normalized them.

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