Rep. Ilhan Omar Plays Horrifying Voicemail She Says She Received “Hours” After Rep. Lauren Boebert Posted Video About Their Phone Call

This is just... Sad.

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The “situation” between GOP House Rep. Lauren Boebert and her Democratic colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar has rapidly escalated over the last few days. I say “situation” in that way because it’s a whole lot less a “situation” and a whole lot more an instance of Lauren Boebert being a blatantly racist piece of shit for the nth time in her short, new congressional career.

But to say that the ordeal just got a whole lot worse would be the understatement of the year.

In the event that you’ve been living under a rock this week, allow me to give you a quick rundown. Boebert was recently caught on video footage making a heinously disgusting “joke” at one of her non-important speaking events, in which she essentially called Minnesota Democratic House Rep. Ilhan Omar a terrorist — telling the crowd a story about entering an elevator that Rep. Omar was also in and “joking” that “she doesn’t have a backpack, so we should be okay.”

This video clip, which made its way around social media like wildfire, essentially opened an entire can of worms labeled “Laren Boebert Has Always Been A Racist Shitbag, How Are You Just Now Realizing This?”

On the heels of the first clip’s release were more clips that began to circulate, showing Boebert using pretty much the same exact story and “joke” at Rep. Omar’s expense — a story that, mind you, according to Ilhan is categorically false. Quite literally never happened.

As you’d expect, Boebert has been the center of quite a lot of public, and well-deserved blowback as people from coast to coast realize what a garbage human being she is. Eventually, the Colorado GOP Rep. took to Twitter with a sorry ass excuse for an apology, which only served to anger her Republican colleagues and didn’t do a damn thing to satisfy the rest of us with a shred of basic human decency to our names, because you could hardly even call it an apology.

Of course, it’s resulted in Republican dimwits like Boebert’s racist twin Marjorie Taylor Greene raising a public stink over the “mistreatment” of the Colorado Rep., now that she’s finally beginning to reap what she’s sown.

But it was Rep. Ilhan Omar herself who has actually found herself at the epicenter of real, true mistreatment. And, frankly, that’s too soft a word for what she’s been subjected to.

Today, Rep. Omar was brave enough to show the public what she’s been going through since just a few hours after she took a phone call with Boebert, who was offering an “apology” over the phone that was every bit as weak as the one she posted on Twitter.

In a press briefing, Omar played a voicemail that she says she received just “hours” after Lauren posted a video about their phone call.

Take a listen for yourself:

In case you couldn’t tell, (it’s a little difficult to hear) that is an unidentified individual, presumably a male, harassing and attacking Rep. Omar with a series of racial slurs, including the n-word, and clear, concise death threats.

“You will not live much longer, bitch. I can almost guarantee you that,” the person said on the voicemail.

While Marjorie Taylor Greene screeches from the top of her lungs about how unfair it is that Boebert had to apologize, Rep. Omar is left fearing for her life and wading through harassment and attacks that no living, breathing human being should EVER be subjected to.

Frankly, Greene and Boebert both can shove their “It’s not fair!” complaints right where the sun don’t shine.

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