Rep. Jim Jordan Got A Brutal Reminder Of His Own Dirty Past After He Claimed “14 FBI Whistleblowers” Have “Come Forward” About The DOJ’s “Misconduct”

Bold of him.

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Controversial Ohio Republican House Rep. Jim Jordan rightfully got his own dirty past thrown in his face recently after he attempted to paint the Biden Department of Justice as a corrupt entity, full of “misconduct,” on the heels of the bombshell FBI search warrant raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort that was signed off on by none other than Attorney General Merrick Garland himself.

Jordan made an appearance on Fox News — the Right-wing network that’s in their own hot water right now after they were slammed with a brutal red rating in relation to their trustworthiness — where he spoke with host and former Republican Representative Trey Gowdy as well as former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. During the segment, Jim asserted that the politicization inside the Justice Department has reached a dangerous level, before going on to openly claim that following the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s compound, many of the agency’s own agents have begun to open their eyes to the alleged corruption inside the FBI.

“Fourteen FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers, and they are good people,” Jordan claimed on the Fox segment, with about as much proof to back up his claim as Trump has to prove the election was stolen. “There are lots of good people in the FBI. It’s the top that is the problem. Some of these good agents are coming to us, telling us what is baloney, what’s going on—the political nature now of the Justice Department, God bless them for doing it.”

Just two short months ago, Jordan made an appearance on Fox with host Laura Ingraham, where he said at the time that his office had only been approached by 6 FBI agents — two of which wanted to discuss the perceived threats to public school boards while the other four wants to talk about January 6th.

Following Jordan’s bold claims, social media set their sights on the GOP lawmaker, who has an undeniably dirty past, full of his own “misconduct”:

You really should clean out your own closet before you go digging in anyone else’s, Jim.

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