Rep. Lauren Boebert Seemingly Tried To Intimidate Democrats After Recent Trump Ally Indictment, Warned “Politically-Motivated Indictments” Are Coming If GOP Takes Back The House

Don't even go there, girl.

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Rep. Lauren Boebert, the gun-toting Colorado congresswoman who ran on a law and order platform that has been arrested quite a few times, and received her GED diploma a few months before winning the election to Congress, took to Twitter to suggest that Republicans will retaliate for Trump ally Steve Bannon’s indictment — if they take the House in 2022. Republicans have been downplaying the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection, with one of them going as far as to liken the violent protesters to “tourists.”

On Steve Bannon’s podcast, the former Trump adviser suggested that he knew in advance about “extreme events” that would occur on Jan. 6. Bannon said on a Jan. 5 podcast that “all hell is going to break loose tomorrow.”

Bannon tried to claim executive privilege even though he wasn’t part of the former president’s administration at the time. Bannon is charged with one count for failing to appear for a deposition and another for refusing to hand over documents. He could face fines and up to one year in prison for each count. And yet, Boebert thinks the indictments from the Jan. 6 committee are “politically motivated” after Trump supporters tried to stop the peaceful transition of power.

Two organizers of the Jan. 6 protest told Rolling Stone that they met with “close to dozen” Republican members of Congress or their staff while planning protests against the 2020 presidential election results to keep former President Donald Trump in power. One of those Republicans is Rep. Lauren Boebert, so of course, she’s scared. Boebert also declared that it was 1776 the morning of the insurrection. On top of that, she tweeted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was removed from the House chamber.

Now, I recall when Hillary Clinton went on the stand for 11 straight hours without breaking a sweat. And that was politically motivated. Republicans have been investigating Clinton for 30 years. It’s not as if Hillary incited a deadly insurrection. We’re not going to forget Jan. 6, no matter how much Republicans want us to.

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