Report Claims Trump Is Holding A Grudge Against Kamala Harris For Her Comments About Prosecuting Him When He’s No Longer In Office

Trump knows he's in deep sh*t.

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When he isn’t throwing public temper tantrums attacking Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Donald Trump is reportedly fuming in private over the Democratic vice presidential nominee’s call for him to be prosecuted and jailed after he leaves office.

Let’s be honest, this election is about whether or not Trump will be held accountable for the various criminal activities he has committed during his presidency. Whether it’s extorting other countries to interfere with the election on his behalf, or enriching himself with taxpayer dollars, or obstruction of justice, Trump has reason to be desperate to remain in power.

Joe Biden may have said that he won’t interfere with the Department of Justice’s decision on whether or not to pursue legal action against Trump, but that doesn’t mean he’ll pick someone for Attorney General who will do nothing.

The obstruction of justice incidents as detailed by the Mueller report on the Russia investigation leaves Trump at the mercy of the next Attorney General who may very well decide to pursue charges. It’s these crimes that Harris specifically called for Trump to be prosecuted and locked up for committing during her own bid for the presidency during the primary.

“I’ve seen prosecution of cases based on much less evidence,” Harris told NPR.

She’s not wrong, and the next Attorney General will be under lots of pressure to hold Trump accountable. And Biden may have no choice but to order a pursuit of justice if enough Democrats and voters demand it.

And because Harris strongly believes Trump should be prosecuted, Trump is whining about it in private.

The Daily Beast reports:

According to two individuals who spoke to the president earlier this summer about Harris, Trump made a point of trashing the senator for saying last year that based on the Mueller Report findings, under the next Democratic administration the Department of Justice would have “no choice” but to pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump.

One of the sources said the president recently mocked Harris for making a big deal about the DOJ potentially prosecuting him after he leaves office, saying she wanted to play “tough.” Trump, this source recounted, said he thought she was just “bluffing” and that she and other Democrats are just craving another “witch hunt.” In the same conversation, the president also made fun of Harris’ call at a Democratic debate late last year to have Trump kicked off Twitter.”

Trump is even complaining about Harris’ tweaking of his “Lock Her Up” chant.

“A third source who spoke to the president about the senator in the past year said Trump had jokingly accused Harris of “ripping him off” by “swapping in ‘Lock Him Up’ in place of ‘Lock Her Up,’” Trump’s longtime anti-Hillary Clinton rallying cry,” the publication said.

Unless Trump plans on resigning at the last minute for Mike Pence to pardon him or absurdly tries to pardon himself, prosecuting him is a slam dunk case. It simply has to be done in order to warn future presidents that they will be held accountable for their actions. Not prosecuting Trump would turn his behavior into a norm, and that cannot be allowed to stand.

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