Report Revealed A Trump Sycophant Follows The Ex-President Around With A Laptop And Reads Him “Uplifting” Stories To Make Donald Feel Better As He Golfs

Just when you thought the man couldn't get any more pathetic.

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Just when you find yourself thinking that scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump has finally reached peak pathetic-ness, a new report or revelation comes around and says “Hold my beer!”

The Daily Beast recently kicked off the holidays with a hilarious, albeit slightly disturbing report, in which they revealed that a particular Trump sycophant has apparently been tasked with following the washed-up ex-president around his golf properties, armed with a laptop and “sometimes a printer,” with the sole purpose of reading Donald Trump positive, “uplifting” stories and news coverage to make the pathetic former guy feel better about himself as he plays his rounds of golf.

According to the Beast’s Dan Ladden-Hall, former host for the far-right One America News Network (OAN) Natalie Harp follows the former president around during his golf games and “shows him ‘uplifting’ news articles and online posts.”

“In a story looking at how the former president has been spending his time since leaving the White House, The Washington Post reports the former One America News host … rides alongside Trump in a golf cart fitted with a ‘laptop and sometimes a printer’ to show him the positive coverage while he plays,” the publication reports.

Harp rose to “fame” and infamy back in 2020 when she spoke at the Republican National Convention and dramatically credited Donald Trump for saving her life, thanks to a bill he signed into effect that expanded people’s access to experimental medical treatments. Harp personally utilized this bill to acquire successful treatment for her stage 2 bone cancer.

However, as is expected in most of these scenarios, experts hashed out the rule truth in the end and found that Harp’s “experimental” treatment was actually already approved by the FDA, rendering Donald’s “Right To Try” bill actually useless in the OAN host’s case and recovery.

According to Ladden-Hall, Harp’s position isn’t the extent of Trump’s sycophantic crew these days. The report goes on to reveal that “Another aide, Molly Michael, is also said to call Trump’s allies ‘requesting that they dial the former president to boost his spirits with positive affirmations’ on quiet days.”

“Trump typically spends six days a week playing 18 or sometimes 27 holes at one of his own golf courses,” the publication reports.

This is truly one of those things we couldn’t make up if we tried to.

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