Reporter Asks Trump What Lesson He Learned From Impeachment, His Reponse: “The Democrats Are Crooked”

And no one is surprised.

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Several Senate Republicans who voted to acquit the president said that Trump had learned his lesson from his impeachment as if septuagenarian narcissists are famous for admitting when they’re wrong and changing their behavior. The Republicans admitted that Trump was wrong in his dealings with Ukraine, but they somehow comforted themselves by thinking the president is a normal person and would change his ways. We’ll give just three examples out of quite a few.

Rob Portman.

“We’ve put our statements out there and he’s been through an impeachment,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who has said for months that Trump’s conduct was not appropriate, according to the Washington Post. “It’s all of our responsibility to figure out what we think is the right way to do it. For me, it was speaking out.”

Susan Collins.

“He was impeached, and there has been criticism by both Republican and Democratic senators of his call,” Collins said. “I believe that he will be much more cautious in the future.”

Shelly Moore Capito.

Sen. Capito of West Virginia is yet another Republican who was not pleased with Trump’s behavior, but said: “I think he’s learned that he has to be maybe a little more judicious and careful, the way he’s phrasing certain things.”

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Trump what lesson he learned from the impeachment. Unsurprisingly, Trump, never a man to own up to his mistakes, blamed Democrats.

“That the Democrats are crooked,” Trump responded. “They’ve got a lot of crooked things going on. That they’re vicious. That they shouldn’t have brought impeachment.” Then he launched into a rant about his poll numbers.


Some people tagged Collins on Twitter.

Actually, Trump did learn a lesson. He’s learned that he can get away with anything.

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