Resurfaced Video Of Mitch McConnell Making Bigoted Remark Makes Waves On Social Media After He Made Equally Nasty Comments Regarding African-American Voters, Then Claimed He’s “Never Been Accused Of This Kind Of Thing Before”


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Southern-fried chicken Mitch McConnell has found his behind in quite the pot of hot water over the last 48 hours after he reminded us all once again that he’s a big ole racist — always has been, always will be — when he suggested during a press briefing yesterday that African Americans are somehow not real, normal American people.

To directly quote the Kentucky Republican senator, McConnell stated to the press while discussing the mounting issue of voting rights in the United States, “The concern is misplaced because if you look at the statistics, African-American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as American voters.”

As you’d expect, the Senate Minority Leader has found himself on the receiving end of instant and plentiful backlash from the rest of us Americans who aren’t a walking, talking trash dumpster.

As we just recently reported, McConnell was ultimately confronted by local Kentucky reporters over his distasteful remarks regarding African American voters in this country. And, as you’d expect, the Trump-loving Republican lawmaker wasted no time in jumping to his own defense, complete with the ages-old Conservative victim mentality.

McConnell told local reporters, “I’ve never been accused of this kind of thing before. It’s hurtful, it’s offensive and it’s total nonsense,” before going on to blame the whole nasty ordeal on nothing more than an “inadvertent omission,” claiming he accidentally forgot to include the world “all.”

But, we’re calling bullshit on Mitch’s claims here, folks.

Following his public and well-deserved lashing over his inherently disgusting “inadvertent omission,” a past video of the GOP congressman was unearthed and began to recirculate like wildfire on Twitter.

Guess what he was doing in that resurfaced video?

If you guessed that he was saying something racist, then I owe you a gold star sticker.

In the clip that was unearthed largely circulated across the social media platform by pro-democracy PAC MeidasTouch, and unearthed by their partner PatriotTakes, Mitch McConnell can be seen and heard discussing with an audience what he thought would be necessary for the Republican party to be competitive in the presidential election, back in 2016, when Donald Trump made his first stab at the White House.

Mitch admitted that his party needed to “do better with Hispanic Americans.”

“This is not anything you don’t already know, but America is certainly changing,” Mitch stated from the stage. ” I believe it’s the case that when Ronald Reagan was elected, 84 percent of American voters were white. I think I read the other day that in 2016, 70 percent probably will be white. My party does really good with white people and I’m proud of that.”

Again, for the people in the back:

My party does really good with white people and I’m proud of that.”

See for yourself:

Let me tell you now, as a true, blue, lifelong Kentuckian myself — this is FAR from the first time Mitch McConnell has been called out as the racist piece of human garbage he is. And it will be FAR from the last time as well. We don’t care if your feelings are hurt, Mitch. If we have it our way, your career will be hurting soon too.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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