Rudy Giuliani Allegedly Staggered Through Mar-A-Lago’s Secret Tunnels While He Recovered From His Severe Alcoholism After His 2008 Presidential Run Loss — While Donald Trump Kept His “Secret”

Boy, there's a LOT to unpack here...

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A new tell-all book published by journalist Andrew Kirtzman is spilling all of Rudy Giuliani’s best-kept secrets. Literally.

According to the bombshell forthcoming book, following his humiliating fizzle in the 2008 Republican presidential primary, the former New York City mayor retreated to none other than Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club to drown his sorrows and humiliation, and apparently recover from a severe bout of alcoholism.

Excerpts of Giuliani: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayorpublished by The Guardian, see revelations from Rudy’s third wife, who told the author that her now-former husband plunged into a deep, “clinical depression” after only managing to secure one single delegate in the primary election. Following the humiliating, public loss, Rudy’s former spouse says the ex-Trump attorney “started to drink more heavily.”

Kirtzman writes, per the excerpt, “While Giuliani was always fond of drinking scotch with his cigars while holding court at the Grand Havana or Club Mac, his friends never considered him a problem drinker. Judith felt he was drinking to dull the pain.”

The excerpt goes on to reveal that ex-wife Judith Giuliani told the journalist that her then-husband ultimately recovered from his severe alcoholism and depression during a lengthy stay at Donald Trump’s — who was then still only a washed-up real estate “mogul” and reality TV “star” — private country club resort in Palm Beach.

“We moved into Mar-a-Lago and Donald kept our secret,” Judith confirmed.

Kirtman’s book claims Rudy and Judith moved into a bungalow that was located across South Ocean Boulevard from Trump’s private estate, and the former NYC mayor utilized secret passages and rooms located underneath Mar-a-Lago to move back and forth between the country club and the bungalow without the media being any the wiser.

Kirtman does note, “[Judith Giuliani] was known to exaggerate, and the depth of his depression [during his secret spell at Mar-a-Lago] is something that only she and Giuliani knew for certain.”

Frankly, I just want to know if the FBI checked the secret tunnels a couple of weeks ago.

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