Rudy Giuliani Loses His Mind, Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night To Tweet About His “Counter Report” To Barr’s Report

Rudy is as crazy as ever!

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Everyone is Trump world is effectively freaking the f*ck out with the looming release of the redacted Mueller report. White House staff is on edge, terrified over their job security, the White House and the GOP have serious concerns over what’s going to be released to the public, and Donald Trump himself has been a hot mess of Twitter rage for days now — lashing out at everyone and everything he can think of in an attempt to distract the public from what’s about to go down.

To add fuel to the flames, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has been loudly and publicly bragging about the “counter report” he is constructing against Attorney General Bill Barr’s heavily redacted version of the Mueller report that is scheduled for release tomorrow.

But Giuliani’s “counter report” begs a few questions: If you’re this scared of the redacted version, what’s in the full report? If Trump was truly “exonerated,” why construct a “counter report” at all? And how is Rudy Giuliani able to prepare a “counter report” to Mueller if he hasn’t read it?

Politico has reported:

LATE-NIGHT TEXTS FROM RUDY … President Donald Trump’s lawyer RUDY GIULIANI to our colleague DARREN SAMUELSOHN, 2:54 a.m., on the size of the president’s “counter report” — which will drop when the special counsel’s findings come out Thursday: “Now at 34 or 35. The more concise the better. 400 pages is a novel.

With Politico’s reporting now making its rounds, many people are now convinced that Guiliani and the White House have already seen the Mueller report. Not to mention the fact that AG Barr refused to tell Congress whether or not the White House has seen the report during his testimony — it’s nearly impossible to deny that a massive cover-up, complete with many intricate parts, is going down right under our noses.

Guilliani took to Twitter himself early this morning with words that solidify our biggest fears:

We are being kept in the dark as the American public, as well as members of Congress that are fighting tooth and nail for the transparency we all deserve. It is crystal clear that Donald Trump and his administration will not rest until this entire thing has been thoroughly covered up, or our treasonous president is finally behind bars where he belongs.

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