Sarah Sanders Just Made An Insanely Bold Move Against Trump, Praises Fact Checker

What was Sanders trying to tell Trump with this move?

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Donald Trump was busy disappointing all of America was his extremely hideous “tributes” to the victims, survivors, and heroes in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but at least he got a major disappointment of his own.

Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders provided Trump with the ultimate betrayal when she put out a press release from her office that praised the Washington Post for its fact-checking — even though the Post is one of Trump’s most hated papers and he constantly attacks the paper and its owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Sanders’ press release specifically called out the Post, who regularly fact-checks the president, in the headline:

Fact checkers have called out attacks on Judge Kavanaugh for what they are: absolutely false.


People were immediately stunned that the White House would dare to put out something positive about a media outlet that the president clearly has a special vendetta against, and it certainly raised eyebrows online. Dave Levinthal, a senior reporter with the Center for Public Integrity, made sure everyone knew about the ironic press release while he shared several of Trump’s Post attacks on Twitter:

The @WhiteHouse Office of the Press Secretary sends out an official statement touting the ace fact-checking efforts of the @washingtonpost,” Levinthal tweeted, “which @realDonaldTrump routinely calls ‘FAKE NEWS’ and accuses of fabrications. Because, of course.”

In his tweet, Levinthal put screenshots of tweets in which Trump had referred to the Post as “fake news,” trashed it, or gone after Amazon and Bezos:

Sanders is well aware of how the president feels about the Washington Post, which makes this all the more awesome. While Sanders is certainly no hero, this definitely did brighten the somber day up.

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