Scandal-Ridden Lauren Boebert All Of The Sudden Refused To “Nitpick What The Bible Says” After She Admitted Her Teenage Son Got His Girlfriend Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

Imagine that...

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Lauren Boebert loves to throw Bible verses in everyone’s face… Except her own, of course, and apparently her teenage son who got his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock.

Recently, we reported on the controversial Colorado Republican House Rep.’s very public announcement during her appearance and speech at an event hosted by the conservative non-profit Moms for America group — when she proudly told the crowd (and the world) that her 17-year-old son was making her a 36-year-old grandmother by the end of April. Lauren’s teenage son Tyler, one of four boys she shares with her highly-controversial husband Jayson Boebert, is expecting a baby boy with his girlfriend in April.

The topic of Lauren’s impending gigi-hood was unsurprisingly brought up during her recent appearance on a podcast talk show with host Dave Rubin, who questioned the Right-wing congresswoman about her thoughts and feelings regarding her becoming a grandmother at such a young age, and her son becoming a father at such a seriously young age.

Wouldn’t you know Lauren Boebert, who takes real pride in throwing the Bible into the faces of anyone who doesn’t agree with her, suddenly doesn’t want to “nitpick” what the Bible says when it comes to her teenage son knocking up his teenage girlfriend with naught a wedding ring in sight.

“Obviously, I’m a Christian, and there are standards that we like to uphold, but none of us do it perfectly,” Boebert tried to explain. “One of the biggest things that I look to is ‘him who knows to do right and doesn’t; it’s sin.'”

“And I mean, there’s things all throughout the week that I know is right to do,” the GOP House rep. continued to ramble. “And sometimes, I don’t do them. And so we can nitpick what the Bible says is right and wrong, but I think just having that heart posture of wanting to serve God and do the right thing is so important.”

The congresswoman finally admitted that this isn’t exactly the path she would have chosen for her son, but by golly, at least they didn’t get an abortion.

“Of course, but this is where we’re at, and we’re all embracing it, and we’re so happy,” she claimed before admitting that this unplanned teenage pregnancy has all but dismantled her son’s future plans for his life, as Tyler has decided to give up on his dream of going to Universal Technical Institute in Florida and will instead be taking petroleum engineering courses at the community college.

“So certainly there are some beliefs that you, like wait, this isn’t exactly right and exactly what we have taught you, but this is where we’re at, and we’re gonna teach you about redemption and how to move forward,” Lauren said.

I guess the Bible only actually applies to everyone but her and her own.

Imagine that.

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