Scandal-Ridden Lauren Boebert Spoke Out In Bizarre Public Defense Of Her Allegedly “Angry” Husband That She’s Divorcing

This is just getting weird.

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Just recently, we reported on bombshell news from the Daily Beast, after the publication obtained the affidavit of service completed by the process server who had the apparent displeasure of serving a seemingly unsuspecting Jayson Boebert with divorce papers from his wife of almost 20 years, controversial Colorado Republican House Rep. Lauren Boebert. The interesting development came on the heels of a public announcement from Little Miss Christian Family Values herself this week, confirming that she was filing for the dissolution of her nearly 2-decade-long marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

According to the Beast’s report, citing official legal documents as sources, Jayson Boebert was apparently caught completely off guard by the divorce filings and didn’t exactly react well to the process server who delivered the news and the paperwork to the Boebert home.

According to the affidavit, Jayson quickly melted down into an expletive-ridden, shouting fit and eventually turned his dogs loose upon being served with the paperwork.

The process server wrote:

Once he learned that he was being served with Dissolution of Marriage papers he was extremely angry. I tried to hand him the documents but [he] did not take them. He started yelling and using profanities, and told me that I was trespassing, and that he was calling the Sheriff’s Office. I told him I was leaving the documents on the chair outside of the door, he closed the door then let the dogs out.”

The process server further noted in their report that Jayson was cleaning a gun and enjoying a “tall glass of beer” when he was served the dissolution of marriage papers.

The situation is already quite bizarre and a bit mysterious, to say the least. But, to make matters even more strange still, the Right-wing congresswoman has since broken her silence with an extensive rant in defense of the guy she’s trying to get unhitched from.

In a response penned on Twitter following the Beast’s report, Lauren went on the defense on behalf of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

“Jayson, a man I spent half of my life with, did not sign up to be in the public limelight, and he certainly did not agree to be falsely accused of things he didn’t do,” Boebert’s dramatic tweet read. “Jayson doesn’t sit around cleaning guns and he certainly doesn’t drink beer out of a glass, just as much as he doesn’t drink Bud Light.”

“Our own home security footage shows he didn’t ‘sick dogs’ on the process server,” the congresswoman went on to claim. “The dogs were outside when the server pulled up, they never showed aggression toward him, nor did he appear afraid of them.”

In her response post, Lauren noted that her divorce from Jayson is a “private matter,” insisting to readers that “Jayson deserves his privacy, not slanderous stories.”

She wrapped up her little rant with a request for “your thoughts, and fervent, heartfelt prayers for our family.”

Lauren’s husband has been infamously steeped in his own controversy over the years, ranging from intense fights with their neighbors to the notorious incident in which Jayson pleaded guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure after he allegedly exposed his genitals to two girls at a bowling alley in 2004.

Jayson ultimately responded to the divorce filing in text messages to the Daily Beast, in which he said he was “upset” but further claimed that he did not say “anything bad” to the process server and stated that his dogs were “no threat” to the individual.

“I did not know what I was being served for or if it was some crazy left wing person coming to my house again,” Lauren’s soon-to-be ex-husband claimed.

“I was not drinking and I was not cleaning any gun. The divorce is sad, I did not expect this, I love her with every bit of my heart, she has been my soul mate and she is the mother of my Children.”

“We have been through a lot together and I just want her to be happy,” Jayson’s texts to the publication read, ending with, “So it’s what ever she wants.”

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