School Officials Launch Investigation After Image Reportedly Circulated Showing Students Who Spelled Out The N-Word Across Their Chests At Football Game

This makes me SICK.

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According to disturbing new reporting from local 13-WMAZ, school officials in the state of Georgia have now launched a full investigation after a photo was posted to social media, showing a group of students who had spelled out the N-word across their chests during a football game.

Laurens County’s School District Superintendent Clifford Garnto spoke with 13-WMAZ after the image went viral on social media and said, “we are truly disappointed in the choices of these students.”

The local chapter of the NAACP is now reportedly seeking a meeting with Laurens County school officials over the matter.

Garnto went on to make a post on social media, on the school district’s Facebook page, confirming, “Our Laurens County Schools Administration is fully aware of the derogatory photo circulating on social media outlets.”

“We do not support, nor condone, any offensive actions of this nature,” the superintendent went on to state in the statement posted to the school district’s social media account. “The environment and teaching at West Laurens High School fosters love and respect among our students for each other. What is observed in this picture is completely misaligned with the values of our school and community.”

“Rest assured, the incident is being investigated,” Garnto promised in the Facebook statement. “We have to be responsible for our actions, and every action has consequences.”

Local 13-WMAZ reports that the photo was allegedly taken at Friday’s West Laurens-Bleckley County football game and depicts 5 boys with “painted jerseys on their chest, each bearing a letter that spells out a five-letter version of the N-word.”

The local news outlet declined to publish the viral image in question due to the highly offensive nature of the image, as well as the fact that the photo featured students who are still minors.

Read the full report on the matter from 13-WMAZ here.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Redditaddict69, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

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