Sean Hannity Went After President Joe Biden For Not Having Coronavirus Under Control: “I Thought He Was Going To Do This On Day One”

Seek help, Sean.

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According to the Associated Press, as president-elect, Joe Biden pledged to boost the coronavirus vaccine supplies and set up new vaccination sites to meet his goal of 100 million shots in 100 days. It’s now February, and Joe Biden was just sworn in last month. The doors have barely shut at the White House as President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, and their family entered their new residence on the 20th. But, apparently, Fox News’s Sean Hannity is confused and thinks Biden has been at the helm longer, or he’s an absolute walnut.

On his radio show, Hannity blasted Biden for not getting COVID -19 under control, Media Matters reports.

“They’re minimizing, I noticed, on getting COVID under control,” Hannity said. “It’s going to take a lot of time, a lot of time. Our team is eager. I thought he was going to do this on day one. We’re eager though to get the agencies and into the White House to gain a better assessment about where things really stand on managing the pandemic.” Trump left you multiple vaccines. You’re in much better shape.”



Hannity also grumbled about Biden’s plans to take his first steps to demonstrate a new strategy to fight the coronavirus, signing executive orders to require masks on federal property. That’s something that the former anti-masker president failed to do. As for the vaccines that Hannity claims that former president “left” for the new administration, according to CBS News, “several governors expressed exasperation at the Trump administration after being assured that the federal government had enough vaccine stockpiled to speed up or expand state rollouts only to be later told those reserves don’t exist.”

And Trump did not create the vaccines. Hannity certainly seems to want to credit Trump with that, though. Trump left office in disgrace on multiple fronts. Hannity really didn’t seem very happy, and that’s on him. Hannity has propped up Trump for years, even after his worst misdeeds. And to actually think that Biden should have the pandemic that Trump bungled under control on day one shows what the newly minted president is up against with the right-wing media. Also, I’m sure Hannity will suddenly be concerned with the deficit again. And if Biden could get the pandemic under control on day one, then why didn’t Trump in just under a year? Shouldn’t Hannity be really pissed off at that guy?

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