See The Moment Donald Trump’s Youngest Son Barron Officially Graduates As His Father And Family Stand Watch

The big guy showed up after all.

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Barron Trump’s high school graduation has been the subject of many a media headline over the last several weeks, as the 18-year-old grew closer and closer to his final day of high school, all while his father was making an absolute ass of himself over the impending ceremony in relation to his infamous Hush Money criminal trial.

As we’re all aware, disgraced former President Donald Trump spent weeks absolutely raging in the media, on his social media platform, and in the courts over the fact that he was slated to be present in the Manhattan courtroom on the same day that his youngest son would graduate from his prestigious private high school in Florida.

Ultimately, Judge Juan Merchan granted Donald’s request and announced that the court would not sit on May 17th, to allow the former president to attend his son Barron’s high school graduation ceremony.

But lo and behold, the former president kicked up headlines once again when it was revealed that Donald was conveniently slated to deliver the keynote address at the Minnesota Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner — on May 17th; the very same day that his son graduates, according to the KFGO radio station.

After several days of speculation regarding whether or not Trump would even actually show up to Barron’s high school, the youngest Trump son’s graduation day is finally here — and, though we’re honestly just a little surprised, the former guy did actually make an appearance.

Video footage of Barron Trump walking across the stage to receive his high school diploma has begun to widely circulate across social media this afternoon:

In addition to the footage, there are multiple photos showing the scandal-plagued former president in attendance at this morning’s ceremony, along with his wife, Barron’s mother Melania, and Melania’s recently widowed father, Viktor Knavs.

We even got a video clip of Barron’s family in the crowd:

As well as some footage of the former president’s motorcade arriving at the event:

Frankly, in my opinion, I think Donald knew full and well that if he didn’t show up to his son’s graduation after the absolute temper tantrums he threw, he was going to be in big, big trouble once his rear was back in that courtroom.

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