Several DOJ Employees Are Reportedly Expected To “Sing Like Canaries” And Expose Trump After Former AG’s Startling Revalations During Testimony

Trump is SO screwed.

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Recently, we reported that the last Acting Attorney General under former President Donald Trump’s administration, Jeffrey Rosen, gave what we can safely assume was a bombshell testimony under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the disgraced ex-president and his connection to the fateful, violent January 6th insurrection at the nation’s Capitol building and his overall efforts to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Frankly, I can only imagine that Rosen’s testimony was enough in itself to ruin Donald’s weekend. However, according to one member of a recent CNN panel, the former guy’s week isn’t likely to shape up any better than the weekend.

Speaking on the CNN panel, conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter predicted that the proverbial floodgates are about to open within the Department of Justice and she expects a surge of DOJ employees to begin coming forward to expose the ex-president.

Rosen testified before the committee for 7 hours on Saturday and Sen. Dick Durbin revealed that the former Attorney General provided lawmakers with a wealth of information about the ex-president’s attempts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election that Joe Biden rightfully won.

Carpenter, a former aide for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, went on to discuss what she believes will happen next. Carpenter theorizes that Rosen’s testimony, combined with the fact that the DOJ has stated they will not be blocking employees from testifying, will result in an influx of DOJ staffers coming forward with the dirty details of Trump’s attempted schemes.

“Jeffrey Rosen is talking,” host John Berman began on the segment of CNN’s New Day. “The former acting attorney general who was running the Justice Department in the days before the insurrection isn’t just talking but wanting to talk. wanting to give information at this point. What’s the significance about what we’re hearing?”

“I mean, I think it just shows how dedicated Donald Trump was to this effort,” Carpenter said. “If you don’t mind me looking back a little bit, I’m a little frustrated because this would have been very relevant information during the second impeachment trial. Clearly, you have people who were willing to talk, and maybe they just needed the cover of the DOJ ruling saying they would be free to do so, but the second impeachment was really — this is the same as the first.”

“It’s Donald Trump abusing official resources in order to get his way politically and stop Joe Biden from becoming president,” she went on to explain. “I mean, it’s clearly a pattern here and so, I am very thankful that we have a January 6th select committee because I’ve got to believe there are many more people like Rosen. So once they have this legal, clear pathway in order to talk, they’re going to sing like canaries.”

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