Social Media Hails Little Girl A “Hero” After She Stands Up To Trump Lookalike

Same, kid. Same.

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Donald Trump is one widely hated man — by young and old, alike. And honestly, it’s for good reason. He’s literally done nothing but tear families apart, lock innocent children and brown people in cages indefinitely, tried to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, and just all around destroyed pretty much every last good thing about this country.

It’s really no surprise that throngs of grown-ups swarm the man at every given opportunity with signs and chants of protest to let him know just how much they really hate him. But this particular situation is a little different than most — a little girl made her feelings about the president known to everyone.

In a viral Twitter video, a young girl who looks to be around 10 or 12 years old, can be seen interacting with a Donald Trump lookalike in front of a crowd of adults who are holding up signs in protests of the president. The Trump impersonator goes to put his arm around the child and asks her to take a picture with him.

The kid responds by pulling away from his advance, looking him square in the face, and saying “You’re a disgrace to the world” — which elicited a plethora of cheers from the gathered crowd.

“Let’s just do it and be done, okay?” the impersonator tells her, in true Donald Trump fashion.

But the little girl is having no part of it and instead turns towards him and snaps her own picture of his face.

The audience of witnesses to the little girl’s bravery weren’t the only ones to cheer her on. Twitter was quite enamored with her, as well:

Someone give that kid a gold star, an ice cream party, a trip to DisneyWorld. She deserves it all.

Featured image via screen capture 

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