Social Media Responds After Trump Looks Angry As He Momentarily Forgets To Shake Modi’s Hand: “He’s Probably Crabby That He Can’t Get McDonald’s Delivered”

I'm not sure where Donald is inside his own pea-brain. But it's definitely not where he's supposed to be.

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Since arriving for his visit to India — where he’s made a complete ass of himself and our nation in a variety of ways, including an Adderall-fueled speech full of butchered words and slurs and disrespectfully refusing to eat the food as we all pretty much expected since we got news of the trip — social media users across the country and around the world have found themselves wondering if Trump has slept a wink.

The India visit, from start to finish, was only scheduled to last around 36-hours before he jets back home to see what else he can screw up in the States. But based on his Twitter account and the multiple appearances he’s made in the country, it doesn’t appear as though he’s closed his eyes or his mouth for longer than a blink.

Based on a new video making its rounds on Twitter this morning of Donald meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it looks as though social media users may be right about Donald’s lack of Z’s during his mini-vacation.

While in New Delhi Trump met with the nation’s Prime Minister, as is customary on these sorts of visits. However, it seems that Donnie’s mind was anywhere but where it was supposed to be.

First things first, he looked as though he’d just eaten about a dozen lemons based on that sourpuss look plastered all over his mug.

But to make matters worse, Donald appeared to be so absent-minded that he seemed to forget for a moment or two there that he was supposed to shake Modi’s hand for the photo-op.

As India’s Prime Minister stood there with his hand outstretched, waiting for Trump to take it in a handshake so the people could take their pictures and they could all move on with their lives, Donald seemed to just mosey around — taking a glance around the room, adjusting his suit jacket, pretty much doing anything but the thing he was actually there to do.

Finally, Trump noticed the Prime Minister’s outstretched hand, quickly grasped it in his, and moved on with the photo-op.

But frankly, it did nothing to save him from the judgment of social media:

Just when you think he couldn’t embarrass this nation as a whole any further, right?

Featured image via screen capture

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