Soldiers At An Event With Mike Pence Told To Clap For Him Like They’re “At A Strip Club”

Not a gay strip club though, right?

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No one is a huge fan of Mike Pence these days. He’s a bigoted, homophobic asshole that spends way too much of his time puckering up to Donald Trump’s orange asscheeks. Nevertheless, it seems that the overall disdain for him has grown to the point that folks actually have to be coaxed to give the man a rowdy round of applause.

This afternoon, Vice President Pence delivered a speech to sailors on the USS Harry S. Truman in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Pence was there to tour the aircraft carrier and deliver remarks to the crowd asserting the Trump administrations support of our country’s armed forces. He is also on the schedule to attend a roundtable later in the day with local business leaders on the U.S., Mexico, Canada trade agreement, or USMCA.

Journalist Brendan Ponton was present at the event and tweeted a thread that is guaranteed to make you belly laugh — evidently, the crowd had to be egged on to applaud for Pence when he made his appearance.

In fact, Ponton said that sailors were being instructed to clap as though they were “at a strip club.”

“Sailors being instructed to “clap like we’re at a strip club” when VP arrives (not kidding),” Ponton’s tweet read.

It seems that Mike can’t quite garner his own support, probably because he’s a bigoted asshole like we mentioned above, so sailors are instead essentially forced to clap for him as though he’s a woman on the stage about to strip down to nothing but some leather pumps and a feathered boa.

Of course, they have to cheer as though it’s a female stripper. If they were directed to cheer like they were at a gay strip club all hell would break loose and Mike Pence would combust into heterosexual flames, right?

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