Source Claimed Donald Trump Is “Angry,” Can’t Handle Not Being President Anymore As Prosecutors Close In On Him: “He’s Going Berserk”

He's losing it.

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Donald Trump has never in his life been what I would call a stable human being. But now that prosecutors are closing in on him from every direction and he no longer enjoys the protections that the presidency once offered him against these numerous charges, it seems the state of his mental health is getting even worse.

Former Trump Organization Executive Vice President Barbara Res sat down for an interview today with MSNBC’s Alex Witt on the heels of the bombshell news, first reported by The Washington Post, that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has convened a super grand jury to pour over the extensive evidence he and his office has collected into their investigation against the former president and his business. Not only is Rs a for Trump Organization official, but she also penned the 2020 book, Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working With Donald Trump Reveals About Him.

“It’s interesting, Donald Trump certainly responded to the grand jury news and there’s a statement calling it ‘the greatest witch hunt in American history,'” MSNBC host Alex Witt noted. “I mean, we’ve heard that refrain over and over again from him, but Politico asks, how can it be a political witch hunt if he’s not in the game anymore? Goes on to say, simple: float another run for president. But Trump’s aides tell Politico that his interest in running in 2024, it’s not just a defense tactic. One has said he’s missing being president terribly. I’m curious, given your 18 years of working with him, what do you make of all this? How do you think he’s reacting to all this in private?”

“Well, first of all, I think he’s going berserk,” Res readily replied.

“I think he’s so angry. All the things that he put in place, the things he put in place to get elected the first time and almost get elected the second time, both were unreasonably based, and all the other things, the attorney general and the kinds of — the judges and all the things that he thought he had working for him all of a sudden are not there anymore. it’s — he can’t avoid this,” she goes on to explain. “This happened and this is something he thought he could avoid.”

“And I’m sure he’s looking for people to blame. He’s screaming at people, everybody, he’s probably blaming [Allen] Weisselberg, he’s blaming his sons, his daughter, you know, anyone that’s available to him,” the former Trump Organization official added. “And he will, I think, throw any one of them under the bus to protect himself.”

“Boy, that’s an extraordinary statement,” Witt responded. “I’ve heard it many, many times, and as a parent, I just think, how’s that even possible? But we’ll leave that.”

You can watch a clip of the MSNBC interview here:

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