Source Claimed Trump And Family May Leave On A Private Jet Amid National Chaos

We can only hope this is true!

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump is having a rough time of things lately. The 2020 presidential election is rapidly approaching, the Democratic candidate that he thought he’d all but defeated through the Ukraine scandal is now the presumptive nominee, we’ve got a super-virus that’s killing thousands, infiltrating the United States at an alarming speed, causing record-breaking plummets in the stock market and pretty much flushing what little chance at reelection Trump had down the toilet while he tries to pretend it’s not a thing, and now riots and protests are raging from coast to coast because it’s 2020 and still no one seems to believe police brutality against black people is a thing.

Frankly, there’s not enough Adderall in the world to deal with all these issues — which leads us to a serious bombshell prediction we stumbled across from a former Trump insider.

Before becoming a well-known stand-up comedian, Noel Casler worked on the set of Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice. During his time on the set, Casler learned a whole lot about Donald Trump as well as his family and over the course of the past three years, he’s dropped more than a few bombshell allegations in our laps regarding the guy who’s currently got the keys to the White House.

It’s thanks to Casler that we know about Trump’s long history of stimulant abuse, Melania’s closeted opioid issues, and Ivanka’s numerous plastic surgeries that led to the Barbie girl figure we all know and loathe today.

And now, as the country essentially burns down in Donald Trump’s front yard, Casler has offered up a prediction on the president’s moves in the near future based on his experiences with him in the past.

According to Casler, it’s only a matter of time before the Trump family says a big, fat “Fuck it” and hops on a private jet to flee the country that he effectively ruined.

It’s not the moral thing to do as the leader of a nation. Nor a legal one, honestly — which means it sounds precisely like something Donald Trump would have up his sleeve.

Of course, there’s absolutely no way of verifying this. It’s simply a prediction based on an observation from an individual that’s had more than a little experience with Trump throughout his lifetime. And while this particular Casler prediction applies to the coronavirus crisis, let’s face it…  all these protests and riots have done is increase the likeliness of Trump flying the coop.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House

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