Stormy Daniels Claimed That Donald Trump Attempted To Exchange A Role On The Apprentice For S*x

I wish I could say I'm surprised.

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Donald Trump has always been a horrible, awful, terrible excuse for a human being, long before he ever weaseled his way into the power of the presidency. The fact of the matter is, his four years in the White House only served to shine a brighter light on his multiple transgressions. It certainly didn’t make him see the error of his ways, that’s for sure.

Now that Donald is once again living life as a private citizen, many people are beginning to speak out against him more and more, as he no longer has the power he once did. And his former mistress Stormy Daniels is no exception.

According to a report from The Guardian, Daniels recently participated in a podcast hosted by Trump’s former long-term attorney and personal “fixer” Michael Cohen, who served time for helping make the hush-money payments to Daniels during the 2016 election. It was during the podcast that Stormy alleged that the former President once offered her a position on his reality TV show, The Apprentice, in exchange for sex back in 2006.

“I went to see that movie Bombshell,” Daniels said, “and suddenly it just came back.”

Trump’s former mistress said she met Trump at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe and was surprised when she ultimately found herself in his hotel room.

“I remember even thinking I could definitely fight his fat ass, I can definitely outrun him,” she explained. “There’s a bodyguard at the door. But I wasn’t threatened, I was not physically threatened.”

“Then, so I tried to sidestep,” Daniels went on. “I was like, trying to remember really quickly, where did I leave my purse, like I gotta get out of here, and I went to sidestep and he stood up off the bed and was like, ‘This is your chance,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ and he was like, ‘You need to show me how bad you want it or do you just want to go back to the trailer park.'”

Stormy explained that Trump offered her a role on his show, The Apprentice, and she excused her to the bathroom. When she came back out, she claims she found the future president sprawled out on the bed, waiting for her.

“I just froze, and I didn’t know what to say,” she revealed. “He had stripped down to his underwear and was perched on the bed doing his best yet horrifyingly disturbing impression of Burt Reynolds.”

Frankly, I’m not overly surprised. It’s likely one of the only ways the guy can get any.

Featured image via Flickr Hillel Steinberg/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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