Student Who Went To The University Of Notre Dame Law School While Amy Coney Barrett Was A Professor There Has Dire Warning If Barrett Is Nominated To The Supreme Court

Amy Koney Barrett may be just as bad as we feared.

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Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing is currently ongoing in the Senate and each day brings forth new material revealing the dangers of her becoming a Supreme Court Justice. There are plenty of valid reasons why Americans do not want her to fill Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat, not the least of which is her being Donald Trump’s pick. Barrett’s nomination threatens to move us backward as a country and undo so many hard-fought battles.

Julie Gunnigle, a former student at Notre Dame Law School, recently went on Twitter to give her thoughts on the matter:

She continues on confirming our worst fears if Barrett tips the balance of the Supreme Court with her views.

Amy Coney Barrett is backing up this character testimony at her own hearing with “mishaps” such as calling sexual orientation a “preference”.

Barrett may just be the least liked SCOTUS pick in recent history. Even less than Kavanaugh although she hasn’t even had the chance to start crying while holding up a calendar and shouting about her profound love for beer. To put the icing on this already abominable cake, she doesn’t seem to even believe in the climate crisis the world is facing, and she will be appointed for life.

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