Tabloid Busted Scandal-Ridden Lauren Boebert In A Particularly Close Embrace, Kissing Her Ex-Husband In A Parking Lot Just Moments After Finalizing Their Divorce In Court

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Controversial Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert’s divorce is officially finalized, but it seems her involvement with what is now formally her ex-husband perhaps is not.

Back in May of this year, Boebert publicly announced that she had split from her husband, the equally controversial Jayson Boebert, after nearly two decades of marriage and 4 sons together. Lauren cited “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for the split, and reports indicated that Jayson was rather blindsided by the whole ordeal, upon being served the dissolution of marriage paperwork.

As we’re all unfortunately aware — thanks to the Beetlejuice scandal of 2023 — Lauren appeared to make quick work of moving on from her broken marriage. However, it seems the Right-wing congresswoman has yet to truly quit her former hubby.

Recently, the Daily Mail captured photos and video of Lauren and Jayson Boebert as they departed the Mesa County Courthouse in Grand Junction, Colorado, where their divorce was finalized.

With their shared 6-month-old grandson in tow the entire time, the former couple arrived at the courthouse in separate vehicles. However, upon their departure, Lauren, Jayson, and their grandson got into the congresswoman’s black SUV and headed to a nearby Walmart parking lot, where the pair stopped for a cigarette break and a slightly voyeuristic embrace.

Lauren squatted on the ground to enjoy her smoke as Jayson leaned against the vehicle. Eventually, the pair got back to their feet and shared a rather emotional embrace before heading out to a shared lunch with the infant at local restaurant Warehouse 2565 – which is described as “the perfect destination for classic American cuisine & date night” on the restaurant’s website.

After their meal, the Boeberts went back to Walmart where they went inside this time to purchase a few baby items and coffee. They then headed back to the courthouse where Jayson’s pickup truck was left following the divorce court hearing and the ex-couple appeared to truly savor their final moments as they said goodbye — with the congresswoman appearing to even shed a few tears.

Jayson loaded the baby and a few toys into his truck as Lauren did a quick wardrobe change in her SUV, emerging in a black pantsuit before they finally parted ways.

You can see the clip from the Daily Mail here:

Featured image via screen capture 

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