Ted Cruz Destroyed Irony, Mocked People Who Suck Up To Donald Trump, Americans Gave Him A Brutal Reality Check: “Uh, Teddy? We Got Receipts.”

Uhm, sir, the internet keeps EVERYTHING.

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If we could all just bow our heads in a moment of silence for our dear beloved irony, as Ted Cruz just absolutely, brutally murdered it.

Earlier this week, the controversial Texas Republican Senator and wannabe Cancun transplant participated in a campaign event for Pennsylvania Senate GOP candidate David McCormick — a pretty bold move for a Republican, considering their Dear Leader Donald Trump has already publicly, albeit controversially, endorsed McCormick’s rival in the primary race, Television personality Dr. Mehemet Oz.

During the campaign event, Teddy had the absolute gall to mock and make fun of Republican party members who blindly suck up to Donald Trump.

“Just once, I’d love to see a Republican candidate stand up in a primary and say, ‘I am a moderate, establishment squish. I stand for absolutely nothing.’ It would be refreshingly honest at least. But nobody says that,” Cruz declared during the event.

“And by the way, they all pledge their love for Donald Trump,” the Texas senator went on to add. “‘I love Donald Trump,’ ‘No, no. I love Donald Trump more.’ ‘No, no, no. I have Donald Trump tattooed on my rear end.'”

This prompted a man in the audience to scream, “Let’s see it!”

“I like you, but not that much,” Cruz quipped in response.

I swear to you, I am not making this up. You can see it all for yourself in this handy video posted to Twitter by The Recount: 

Let me just tell you, Americans served the Texas senator with one of the most brutal reality checks we have ever witnessed, reminding Cruz that Donald Trump literally shit-talked his wife, and Teddy STILL kissed the man’s ass so hard it’s a thousand wonders it’s not chapped:

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Boy, you walked right into that one, buddy. With your mouth open.

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