The Ex-President Broke His Silence Regarding Guilty Verdict On 17 Fraud Charges Against Trump Org, Appeared To Blame Everything On Longtime Company CFO

He's not handling it well.

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We knew it was only a matter of time before ex-President Donald Trump came out swinging after the bombshell news of the guilty verdict against his family company broke. But, to be frank, it was worse than we were even really prepared for.

Recently, the news broke that Donald Trump’s New York-based family company, the Trump Organization, was officially found guilty on 17 different criminal charges, all in relation to a decades-long-running, corrupt, and unlawful tax scheme — in which the company intentionally maintained two separate sets of books to misrepresent its assets and values, based on whether the information was going to the IRS, to receive more favorable tax breaks, or banks and insurance companies, to inflate the value of the now ex-president’s personal business.

Unfortunately, the guilty verdict only carries with it a measly fine of just $1.6 million, which is frankly a drop in the bucket for the massive, lucrative company. However, it also seriously and permanently marks the Trump Organization in the eyes of the law, as well as further stains Donald Trump’s own personal, already tattered reputation, and will likely hard Trump’s personal, professional, and political endeavors in the future.

Frankly, it serves as proof that Donald J. Trump is the conman we’ve always known him to be.

And you best believe Donald Trump didn’t handle this development well. At all.

The scandal-ridden former president was quick to break his silence on the matter of the guilty verdict against his family company, the Trump Organization, and not only was he clearly unhappy, but he also seemed to officially try to throw longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg to the wolves.

Trump opened his statement by saying he is “Disappointed with the verdict in Manhattan, but will appeal.”

It only got worse from there:

Frankly, I believe Trump knows he’s been had, and this is just the beginning of the end of his reign of terror on this country.

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