The Ex-President Is Desperate To Save Himself, As Explosive Report Confirmed Trump Legal Team Is Officially Throwing Longtime Trump Org CFO Under The Bus

We knew this was coming.

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The loyalty between ex-President Donald Trump and his longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisellberg has long been devout and seemingly unbreakable. Throughout the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation into the former president’s corrupt family company, it certainly seemed as though pitting Weisselberg and Trump against each other would never shake out to be a successful tactic in the end.

But, it seems all good things eventually come to an end.

Recently, we’ve reported that Allen Weisselberg appears to finally be cracking, as he testified before a criminal grand jury in the case and ultimately implicated not only the already scandal-ridden former president but his two eldest children as well.

Weisselberg himself was fully aware of what he’d done, as reports indicated that the Trump Organization CFO broke down in tears in the courtroom over his damning testimony.

Now, it seems that the former president and his legal team have moved full force into retaliation mode, as a bombshell report from The Guardian confirmed that Donald Trump’s attorneys have now officially attempted to throw Allen Weisselberg under the bus — making it seem as though the devout employee conducted shady business within the company for his benefit and his benefit alone.

“Susan Necheles, representing one unit of the Trump Organization, pointed the finger at Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief financial officer, in her closing argument to the 12-member jury in New York state court in Manhattan,” The Guardian’s report reads. “‘We are here today because of one reason and one reason only – the greed of Allen Weisselberg,’ Necheles said. ‘The purpose of Mr. Weisselberg’s crimes was to benefit Mr. Weisselberg.'”

“Necheles also pinned blame on Donald Bender, an accountant with Mazars USA, for turning a blind eye to Weisselberg’s wrongdoing,” the publication reports. “‘President Trump relied on Mazars, he relied on Donald Bender to be the watchdog,’ Necheles said. ‘Bender failed.'”

New York prosecutors have credibly accused the Trump Organization of purposefully manipulating the value of its assets in an effort to secure more favorable tax loopholes, vs more favorable loans from banks. According to the evidence, the corrupt Trump family company consistently kept two sets of books — one of which reflected lower assets and value that was given to the IRS for tax purposes, the other of which reflected far higher values that were given to banks and insurance companies.

Weisselberg, in his position as the company’s Chief Financial Officer for literal decades, was a key player in the long-running scheme and, as the individual with the most unfettered access to the company’s financials, has served as an invaluable witness in the case, after he agreed to testify earlier this year as part of a plea deal, in exchange for a heavily reduced prison sentence.

Despite vowing to prosecutors in his plea agreement that he would not testify specifically against the former president, Weisselberg, however inadvertently, has thrown Donald Trump under the bus multiple times now, throughout his under-oath grand jury testimony — including revelations that this tax scheme continued up until the moment Donald Trump took office as the US president, the fact that Trump personally “authorized” the scheme, and the bombshell revelation that the Trump Organization only pretended to fire Weisselberg from his CFO position in an effort to reduce its legal liability, while continuing to retain Allen as an employee on the payroll.

As Weisselberg begins to spill some of the Trump Organization’s best-kept secrets, recent reports have indicated that prosecutors are now weighing a new round of charges against the CFO in an effort to secure further cooperation from Weisselberg and more comprehensive testimony about Donald Trump’s involvement in the illegal schemes.

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