The NY Times Aired Out Trump’s Dirty Laundry, Reported Scandal-Ridden Ex-President Is Displaying “Anxiety In Private Conversations” In Aftermath Of Search And Seizure At His Compound

He's breaking down.

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Trump has been running his mouth almost nonstop on his floundering Truth Social platform since the moment the news broke regarding the bombshell FBI search and seizure raid against his Mar-a-Lago compound, in connection to the numerous boxes of classified, top-secret, federally-protected documents he stole from the White House and took to his country club during his final days in office. His “statements” and social media posts have been chock full of excuse after excuse as to what he’s done, and carry an overall air of arrogance as though he truly believes he is still above the law.

But according to a revealing report from the New York Times, the scandal-ridden ex-president is singing a much different tune behind closed doors.

Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush, and Alan Feuer with the Times report, “If the investigation into Mr. Trump’s possible connection with Russia was convoluted or hard for Americans to grasp, this one is not. The documents inquiry is about boxes of papers, storerooms, souvenirs, and ‘top secret’ stamps — the kind of identifiable items that Mr. Trump has weaponized to bludgeon opponents, akin to Hillary Clinton’s private email server or Hunter Biden’s laptop. The documents investigation is also about whether Mr. Trump or his associates may have obstructed the inquiry, according to court papers filed with the search warrant. And despite the bravura, Mr. Trump has betrayed anxiety in private conversations about where this is all leading, people who have spoken to him say.”

“Mr. Trump’s court filing on Monday requesting the special master to review the seized documents was styled as a legal motion, but it sounded more like a news release drafted by Mr. Trump himself,” their bombshell report goes on to note. “It was filled with bombastic complaints that the government had long treated Mr. Trump unfairly. The document cited purported examples like ‘two years of noisy ‘Russian collusion’ investigations.’ It also contained Trumpian boasts about the former president being ‘the clear front-runner’ for the 2024 election.”

The judge on the case has given Trump and his attorneys a deadline of Friday to fix the numerous problems within his new court filing and explain why they find the use of a special master to go through the documents necessary.

As it stands, it’s unclear as to whether or not the affidavit that ultimately led to the FBI search and seizure warrant will go public, mainly due to security concerns as well as the exposure of classified information and protection of the investigation’s integrity.

Read the full report from the New York Times here.

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