The Only Trump Kid To Show Up For His Daddy Just Broke One Of Judges’ Blatant Rules When He Used His Cell Phone To Make A Nasty Social Media Post In The Courtroom

That was a BAD move.

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Scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump has been noticeably alone in the Manhattan courtroom over the last several days, where he is on trial in the infamous Stormy Daniels Hush Money case.

Day in and day out, Donald has been flanked only by his legal team, as witnesses file in and out of the courtroom, making his days worse and worse. His favorite daughter Ivanka, his eldest son and namesake Don Jr., and even his own “beloved” wife Melania have been nowhere to be found.

In fact, only one Trump child has made an appearance in the courtroom to show their support for their disgraced father.

In true middle child dying for daddy’s love and approval fashion, Eric Trump has been the only one of Donald’s children to make an appearance in the Manhattan courtroom during his father’s criminal Hush Money trial — but he’s not making a good look out of it at all as he’s already been busted actively breaking the judge’s blatant rules inside the courtroom.

NBC News broke reporting this morning that Eric Trump pulled out his cell phone and busted out a nasty tweet about Donald’s former personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen, who gave his first round of testimony today, writing in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) at 10:51 a.m. ET, “I have never seen anything more rehearsed.”

As noted by NBC News, Judge Juan Merchan has explicitly forbade the use of mobile devices in the courtroom.

“The court does not allow anyone in the courtroom to use their cellphones during proceedings,” NBC News reported.

In addition to blatantly breaking the no cell phones rule, Merchan has also repeatedly ordered that not only is Donald Trump barred from attacking, disparaging, or otherwise discussing any potential witnesses in this case, he is further banned from inciting anyone else to do so on his behalf. It is unclear if that is the case with his son’s social media post.

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