Thirteen Steakhouse Staffers Are Reportedly Having To Quarantine After Catering Private Trump Fundraiser In Minneapolis

Even more lives affected by our spreader-in-chief.

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Imagine paying $100,000 dollars to meet our orange Commander-in-Chief at a steakhouse when he knew he had coronavirus. Now imagine being part of the staff in the restaurant that had to serve the infected wanna-be dictator. That is exactly what happened when Trump held a fundraiser in Minneapolis — and now the staff is forced to quarantine for the mandatory fourteen days, just to be cautious.

The steakhouse gave this statement:

Our staff was there to work the party only and at no point did any staff come in close proximity to the president,” the restaurant said in a statement. “Upon learning of the president’s positive COVID-19 test, we immediately enacted a 14-day quarantine for all staff who worked the party. Additionally, each staff member who worked the party will be tested for COVID-19.”

This just adds to the long list of people that our superspreader-in-chief and his administration have involved and endangered in their web of coronavirus. The disease has infected so many around him, including himself, and I am afraid that even if those around him start to get sick, or worse, he will just continue down this path of downplaying the virus that has ravaged the lives of so many Americans.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0


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Chris Gifford