This Seems To Be One Of The Only Decent Things Donald Trump Ever Has To Say About His Son Barron And It’s Just Sad

I honestly feel sorry for the poor kid.

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Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron — the only one of his five children he shares with his third and current wife of nearly 20 years, Melania — has been the subject of many a headline over recent weeks, as the youngest Trump child has finally turned 18, graduated from his prestigious private high school, and is preparing to carve his own path in life.

The newly ignited attention on Barron Trump is quite a shift from what we’ve all been accustomed to, as Barron was a young child throughout his father’s presidency and remained a minor even after his father’s tumultuous White House conviction and subsequent legal troubles — and, as we know, if Melania Trump is anything, she’s one hell of a protective mother.

Throughout the years of the Trump era, Melania has made it clear to the media, to the American public, and even to her family that her only son was off limits. She worked vehemently and viciously to protect her only child from the horrors of the world, especially with such a controversial and high-profile father. With that being said, no one really talked about Barron much up until very recently.

Because of that lack of attention on him, people didn’t know a whole lot about the now-former First Son — and, apparently, that includes his own dad.

Donald has never been overly affectionate about his youngest son. He’s always given us the sense that, because Barron was too young to be useful to him, his child with Melania was little more than an afterthought for him.

The consequences of that seem to be shining through now that Barron is a whole, bona fide grown-up, as Donald still doesn’t appear to know what to say about him.

Following his bombshell felony conviction, the scandal-plagued former president sat for a tell-all interview with Fox News, where the subject of his youngest son came up, and Trump once again fell back on what seems to be one of the only decent things he ever has to say about Barron — he’s tall.

One of the Fox hosts brought up the fact that people are “starting to focus on Barron” in the media, as they asked Trump about how his family has been handling his felony conviction.

“You know he’s tall, good looking — he’s a very good student,” Trump said about his youngest son. “And, uh, he’s, he’s uh applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes… he’s a very smart guy, he’s a very tall guy.”

“He’s cool… He’s pretty cool,” Trump said.

Can you imagine being newly 18, with your whole life ahead of you, and the only thing your dad has to say about you is basically, “Yeah, he’s cool. He’s tall.”

You can watch the clip here:

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