Thundering Lawsuit Leak Revealed Rupert Murdoch Confirmed Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Mysterious Exit From Fox Network Was Due To Her “Inappropriate Behavior”

Kimberly Guilfoyle is not a good person.

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According to bombshell reporting from the East Bay Times, a leak coming out of the massive Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Fox News Network revealed that Fox Monarch Rupert Murdoch apparently confirmed the rumors that swirled surrounding Don Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle’s, rather sudden and very mysterious exit from the ultra Right-wing media network. Reports on the leak claim that Murdoch himself confirmed that Kimberly’s departure was in direct relation to her sexually inappropriate behavior.

One particular email was cited in the ongoing lawsuit, penned by Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch in the direct aftermath of the 2020 election, showing the monarch stating that he wanted Guilfoyle gone from the network due to persistent allegations against her. Ultimately, Murdoch “insisted” that Fox fire Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend “for inappropriate behavior.”

“Newsmax not good people!” Murdoch’s email, included in the Dominion lawsuit reads. “Being advised by [Guilfoyle] who I insisted we fire for inappropriate behavior. Not one of our people will join her. Newsmax desperate for money. Scoured the world, so far without luck.”

East Bay Times goes on to note in their report on the matter that Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle have been an item since 2018 “and became a popular duo in MAGA circles,” with the couple serving as key figures in Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential re-election campaign. Both Don Jr. and Guilfoyle personally spoke at Trump’s infamous “Stop The Steal” rally on the day of the deadly January 6th Capital insurrection, with Kimberly gaining quite a bit of notoriety and backlash among their inner circle and supporters over her payday demands in connection to her speech.

Following her sudden exit from Fox Network, Guilfoyle moved over to Newsmax, a network that is just as heavy on the 2020 election lies, if not more so.

One month before the 2020 election, the New Yorker published a report that seemingly indicated Kimberly was fired from Fox News Network due to sexual harassment claims lodged against her by her own former assistant. The 2020 report alleged that Guilfoyle repeatedly showed lewd photos of male genitalia to her fellow Fox colleagues, repeatedly made sexually inappropriate remarks and discussed intimate sexual matters with network employees, and pressured her own assistant “to submit to a Fox employee’s demands for sexual favors.” The report also exposed allegations against Kimberly for allegedly exposing her nude body to her assistant, urging her to critique Kimberly’s naked form.

Read the full report from East Bay Times here.

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