Tonight’s Austin, TX Trump American Freedom Tour Event Was Reportedly Prepaid As El Paso Reminds People The Ex-President Still Owes Them More Than A Half A Million Dollars From A 2019 Rally

He's a conman.

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Local KXAN is now reporting that tonight’s leg of Donald Trump’s American Freedom Tour, set to take place in Austin, TX this evening at the Austin Convention Center, had “all anticipated facility rental and ancillary costs” prepaid before the event gets underway.

Why does this really matter, you may be wondering?

Well, with the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached ex-president set to be in Austin, Texas tonight, El Paso, Texas is speaking out and reminding everyone that the former guy still owes them over half a million dollars hailing back to a Trump rally he held in the city back in 2019, and never forked up the bill for all of the costs he racked up.

Trump’s American Freedom Tour event today is set to see appearances from the likes of Don Trump Jr., former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and even washed up “rocker” Ted Nugent. Trump himself is headlining the event as a “motivational speaker” and charging his supporters up to $5,000 a head for a ticket to the show.

Now, it seems the city of El Paso is reminding Trump that he’s still got one hell of a bill he should use some of those profits on, as they’re still waiting to receive the almost $570,000 they’re still owed from a 2019 rally Trump held in the Texas city when he was still campaigning for his now-failed 2020 presidential run.

KXAN questioned who would be footing the bill for this massive event, reporting “security will be tighter than your average comic book convention,” with one convention official explaining, “As a former President, the event will have enhanced security protocols,” before going on to note that the organizers of the event will be the responsible party for any costs.

“The Austin Police Department told KXAN it would not be providing officers for the event, though it would be working to ensure ‘appropriate’ staffing levels with several special events slated for the weekend,” the report adds.

KXAN also spoke with El Paso officials who were quick to point out that they’re still waiting for Donald Trump to settle his massive 2019 bill with the city, in spite of multiple attempts on their part to collect the money they’re owed.

“Events featuring former President Trump have led to unpaid bills in cities across the U.S., most for additional police and public safety-related expenses,” the local report reads. “The City of El Paso told KXAN it has yet to receive the roughly $570,000 it is owed by the Trump re-election campaign for a rally at the El Paso County Coliseum in 2019. The majority of money went toward police costs.”

“El Paso eventually lawyered up with outside attorneys to help collect,” KXAN reports, noting that their attempts to get comments on the matter from tonight’s event’s promoters have gone entirely unanswered.

El Paso joins the likes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Spokane, Washington which also have outstanding bills with Donald Trump.

Read the full report here.

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