Trump Administration Reportedly Giving Military Members Tax Break But They Will Have To “Pay All The Money Back In 2021”

This is just cruel.

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Millions of Americans from coast to coast continue to suffer, wondering how they’ll pay their rent and feed their families, with the measly $1200 stimulus check now long gone on various living expenses while this delay, detrimental pandemic continues to rage largely unchecked. Yet Donald Trump and his cronies in Congress seem to have absolutely no interest in financially assisting the people that they swore to protect. As stimulus packages continue to rot on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk, Trump’s only “idea” seems to be in the form of a tax cut that would offer temporarily larger paychecks by taking fewer taxes out of earning.

Recently, Trump issued a presidential memorandum that enacted this tax cut for tens of thousands of service members and Defense Department civilians, effective at the beginning of this month, as part of his effort to boost the United States economy after the massive hit it took from the shutdowns.

However, while it’s true that these service members will be receiving a few extra funds in the moment, Trump’s plan is only temporarily helpful, at best, and will likely only cause far more trouble in the end.

Because if Donald Trump is anything, he’s a greedy conman. And greedy conmen just can’t stomach the idea of “free money” — meaning that tax cut will have to be paid back next year, according to a report from NBC.

On the subject of the tax cut for military personnel, retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey said, “This will be a huge problem to young military families. They will by human nature spend the apparent pay RAISE and then get kicked in the chops when they get several months-worth of DOUBLE withholding.”

Starting with September’s mid-month paycheck, “the Defense Department will begin to temporarily defer the 6.2 percent Social Security tax withholding for all DOD service members who make less than $8,666.66 per month in basic pay, and all DOD civilians who make less than $4,000 per pay period (roughly $8,000 per month).”

This will leave countless families bringing in larger paychecks as we approach the November election. However, things are not as good as they seem, as the government will begin collecting those taxes back between January and April of the new year, leaving recipients of the tax cut receiving even smaller paychecks than they started with after the election has come and gone.

NBC News analyst and former NATO commander, Ret. Adm. James Stavridis, said, “This reminds me of ‘payday lending,’ in the sense that it will make cash flow management more difficult for younger enlisted in the force. They will have to not fall prey to the temptation to spend cash they really don’t have in the fall, because the tax man is coming later. Doesn’t make sense as national policy, and hard to see the benefit for our troops.”

Senior enlisted member of the Air Force, Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne Bass, was quick to warn Air Force leaders, telling them to make sure that airmen and families are made aware of the fact that the money will be paid back “to prevent financial strain in the future. Writing in a Facebook post, “Unfortunately, neither military members nor civilian employees are eligible to opt out of the deferral.”

“The extra money we will get over the next few months will be paid back next year,” she added.

A group of Senators sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, urging them to make the tax cut optional for families, who don’t want to be stuck with significantly smaller paychecks as they bring in the new year.

“We urge you to let federal workers and uniformed service members choose whether to defer their payroll tax obligations under IRS Notice 2020-65, rather than forcing them to participate. Federal workers and service members should not be used as pawns for a payroll tax scheme that many private sector employers are unlikely to join and where key questions remain unanswered,” the letter reads.

Senator McCaffrey called the deferral “A transparent stupid election year move.” Stating, “Trump needs Congress to authorize a change to the law. They won’t do it. Payroll taxes are a basis of social security.”

Folks, let this serve as your proof that Donald Trump doesn’t help anyone but himself.

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