Trump Allegedly Sent Daughter Ivanka To Cut Certain Deals For Him Because He Truly Believed That “All Men Want To Sleep With Her”

This genuinely turns my stomach.

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Just earlier this week, we reported on the deeply disturbing revelation from former Trump-era Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff and staunch Trump critic Miles Taylor’s upcoming new book, Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy from the Next Trump, that exposed deeper details into ex-President Donald Trump’s long-running inappropriate, deeply disturbing borderline obsession with his eldest and favorite daughter Ivanka that has honestly teetered on the precipice of downright incestuous and illegal.

Over the years, we’ve all, unfortunately, witnessed the unsettling innuendo, the bizarre hand placements, the tension-filled demeanor and, to be frank, we’ve all known, with the same pits in all our stomachs, what all of those borderline public displays likely translate to behind closed doors. While it’s all but certain that we’ll never have any cold, hard proof that Donald Trump has engaged in a truly inappropriate relationship with his own daughter, there’s no denying that the speculations and assumptions have long been there, and will long remain.

Taylor’s newest revelations concerning that father/daughter relationship all but confirmed our worst, most sickening suspicions, when the former DHS official claimed Donald’s inappropriate remarks about his own child were so severe that it prompted his own chief of staff to chastise him and remind the then-president that Ivanka was, in fact, his daughter.

One would think that it couldn’t possibly get much worse, following a sickening revelation like that. But, now Donald’s former personal attorney and self-described “fixer” Micheal Cohen has spoken out to add insult to injury when it comes to Trump’s incestuous infatuation with his eldest daughter.

Ok! Magazine reported on Cohen’s recent episode of his podcast, Mea Culpa, that saw the former Trump attorney spilling more tea about his ex-boss’ obsession with the former first daughter:

Ivanka is by far the most prepared out of all [of Trump’s kids]. She won’t go on an interview unless she knows every single question. She will script out the blowing of her hair. The father, Donald, used to turn around when she would leave, and he would be like, ‘She is just lucky that she is so good-looking, that all women want to be here and all men want to sleep with her.’ I turn around and said, ‘I am not 100 percent certain that is true.’ He said, ‘No, no, it is.’ That is why he would send her on certain deals because there would be a banker there, a guy, and so on.”

To make matters more interesting, Cohen also hosted Don Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, Aubrey O’Day, on the podcast episode, who also offered up her thoughts on the former first children:

You told me she was a dummy and is seen as a dummy. Like, go get her some shoes and that will make her happy, put shiny things in front of her face … My understanding of her is she was the hand inside of the puppet master. She had the office next to him when he went to the White House, she was there to make calls, maybe it was [husband] Jared [Kushner] making calls through her … I think obviously Trump’s natural state is to be able to hear women before men based off of what we’ve all seen and witnessed and you know what that means.”

“I think there was a lot of them pitting them against each other happening at very young ages. We discussed this. We saw that as well. We differed in our takes, but my take was Ivanka was running the ship,” the 39-year-old signer/songwriter added.

See Cohen’s podcast episode here:

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