Trump Appeared To Have A Mental Lapse During Sean Hannity Interview, Proceeded To Brag About Acing His Cognitive Test

This is embarrassing.

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Former President Donald Trump was interviewed on Thursday night by Fox News host and one-time informal presidential adviser Sean Hannity, and the lies just flew out of the former reality show star’s mouth. I know you find that shocking, too. During the softball interview, the twice-impeached one-term President appeared to be confused with the subject of a wall came up. The thing is, though, Hannity wasn’t talking about the Southern border wall. He was talking about a metaphorical wall.

The Fox News host said in reference to President Joe Biden, “So, you keep banging your head against the wall — why would you expect a different result?”

Trump falsely said: “So, we would have had the wall completed in three weeks. It was largely completed. We did almost 500 miles of wall.”


Without a shred of irony, Trump bragged once again about passing a cognitive test during that same interview.


Twitter lit up:

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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Trump’s border wall was not near completion when he left office in disgrace. So, Trump’s claims are far from the truth. And, of course, Mexico didn’t pay for a wall along the 2,000-mile border. According to the Texas Tribune, the Trump administration erected about 80 miles of new barrier before he left office, including 21 at the Texas-Mexico border, paid for by the U.S. government. What an embarrassing interview.

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