Trump Does A Little Dance After Reading Uvalde Victim’s Names During NRA Convention

Just when I thought I couldn't get any more sickened by him.

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Last night, Trump attended the National Rifle Association convention in Houston, Texas, less than 300 miles away from and 72 hours after the catastrophic Uvalde, Texas, elementary school teacher — where 18-year-old high school dropout turned gunman entered Robb Elementary School through an unlocked door, barricaded himself inside a 4th-grade classroom, and proceeded to open fire, shooting and killing 19 innocent children and 2 beloved teachers.

The former president opened his speech at the pro-gun event last night by morbidly reading off the names of the Uvalde elementary school victims one by one, butchering their pronunciations, while an ominous, dystopian death knell bell rang loud and hard after each name of each victim who lost their lives to the very thing he was in Houston to protect.

But don’t think for a second that Trump’s little memorial moment was anything more than a PR stunt. Don’t think for even a moment that he actually gave a damn about any of the 21 innocent souls who did not go home Tuesday. The 21 families who spent this week burying their whole entire world, their lives never to be the same, as Donald J. Trump danced the night away with the NRA.


Despite the fact that the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached president took 5 minutes out of his evening to make a mockery out of the 21 people who were slaughtered by an AR-15 assault rifle while the police did virtually nothing, the rest of Donald’s evening was filled with all the ridiculousness you’ve come to expect from a Trump rally — which is pretty much exactly what this was.

In fact, Donald even wrapped up his speech with his trademarked dance moves:

Even Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell couldn’t ignore how disgusting this was, captioning a video of Trump’s dance moves: “The kids died. Trump danced.”

Nothing about this is funny. Nothing about this warrants dancing. And yet here we are.

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