Trump Hammered With Theories About His Health After Internet Noticed That He “Looked Very Unwell” During Today’s Meeting And Hasn’t Been Tweeting Much

Donnie's not gonna like this one bit!

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It’s certainly no secret that the stress of everything is really getting to Donald Trump these days.

Frankly, it’s a real wonder he hasn’t completely lost every marble he has left to his name and subsequently tripped all over them, given everything he’s done — including but not limited to; subjecting an entire nation to and ultimately killing over 100,000 people with his botched response to the global pandemic (that’s only really a problem in the United States now), allegedly allowing Russia to put bounties on the heads of and kill American soldiers, and staring down a loss of proportions we haven’t seen in this nation in decades according to the polls.

I’m honestly surprised that he’s not deep inside a mental institution somewhere, locked in a padded room, living out his days in a jacket that makes him give himself a constant bear hug.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump is still undeniable cracking under the pressure.

This morning, Trump held an impromptu Oval Office meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and it was pretty easy to see that Donald didn’t look himself. At all.

Add to that the fact that Donald’s Twitter account has been eerily quiet over the last 24 hours, and it’s led one former insider to the Trump family to this interesting theory:

Casler, who used to work on the set of The Apprentice, has been warning us all of Donald’s drug use and various health issues for years now. And the rest of social media was quick with their own thoughts on the subject:

I’d venture to say the time of the marbles and padded rooms and snuggly jackets is near, folks. Very… Very near.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Michael Vadon

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