Trump In Major Trouble As Bombshell Claim In Michael Cohen’s Testimony Is Confirmed

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Donald Trump is likely going to pull out all the stops in trying to undo the devastating damage that Michael Cohen, his longtime personal lawyer, has done with his testimony. Unfortunately, the president is going to have a pretty difficult time doing that, as Cohen’s claims are slowly being confirmed one by one.

In one part of his testimony, Cohen claimed (with evidence) that Trump had him send letters to his old high school and colleges, threatening legal action if any of the schools released his grades and exam results. Now one school, Fordham University, has just come forward to confirm that part of Cohen’s testimony.

NPR journalist Scott Detrow reported that a spokesperson for Fordham, where Trump was a student for two years, has confirmed that the Trump campaign contacted the school regarding his grades toward the beginning of the presidential race. In several tweets, Detrow informed Americans about this confirmation from Fordham University:

The spokesman also stated, “Fordham received a follow-up letter from one of Mr. Trump’s attorneys summarizing the call and reminding us that they would take action against the University if we did, in fact, release Mr. Trump’s records.”

Now that this has been confirmed, the other claims in Cohen’s testimony seem more relevant and real. We can only hope that there are more confirmations ahead, making it impossible for Trump to lie his way out of this.

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