Trump Is Giving Us Flashbacks In Disgusting New Campaign Fundraising Video On Behalf Of Jailed Capitol Rioters: “Treated Unconstitutionally And Very Unfairly”

If this doesn't make your skin crawl...

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According to new reporting from the Washington Post and the New York Times, scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump recorded a video message for a fundraising event, in which he spoke on behalf of the hundreds of now-jailed Trump-sycophantic individuals who engaged in the deadly mob that violently attacked the United States Capitol building, with Congress inside, on January 6th, 2021, in the name of the former president and his Big Lie effort to overthrow Joe Biden’s election win against him.

Ultimately, the new video message left us with disturbing flashbacks of Trump’s video message he issued on that fateful day when he told the mob of insurrectionists who were actively attacking the Capitol that he “loves” them.

According to the Post report, Trump sent the pre-recorded video message to a fundraising event for the Patriot Freedom Project, an entity that describes itself as “a non-profit organization providing legal, financial, mental health, and spiritual support for individuals and their families — including young children — who are suffering at the hands of a weaponized justice system.”

The video message left many Americans recoiling in horror and disgust, as the former president of the United States pledged his support to and justice for his supporters who violently and unlawfully broke into the US Capitol building, vandalizing and destroying everything in sight, violently attacking Capitol police, and sending United States lawmakers running for their lives.

“People have been treated unconstitutionally, in my opinion, and very, very unfairly, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it,” Trump openly vowed in the message, seemingly from his Mar-a-Lago resort, before going on to declare, “It’s the weaponization of the Department of Justice, and we can’t let this happen in this country.”

This is, unfortunately, far from the first time Donald Trump has issued a message of support for the individuals who tore the seams of this nation’s very democracy on January 6th. Earlier this year, Trump delivered a message in which he openly promised to issue every single Capitol insurrectionist a full pardon, as well as a formal apology for their “mistreatment,” if he manages to secure a second term in office.

The disturbing new message from the former president comes in the direct aftermath of the guilty verdict issued against Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes this week on charges of seditious conspiracy in connection to his plot to use force to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College win.

Watch the video here:

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